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Here we list the best and most popular guaranteed tournaments from the most trusted online poker rooms. Unlike live poker, Online Poker Tournaments run regularly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Best of all you can play more than one table at a time to maximize your profits. Have a look at all the great Guaranteed tournaments about to start.

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Poker on TV can be Deceiving

With online poker surpassing roulette as the most popular gambling game online, it is no wonder that the amount of information about poker found online can be overwhelming, confusing, and even misleading. Many new players to poker have great misconceptions about how to play tournaments because they take what they see on television as the gospel. However, there are big differences between what you see on TV and what you will experience at a tournament table because many televised tournaments, like the World Poker Tour or WSOP, only show the final six or nine players competing, skipping the often tedious early action. I’ve outlined below some of the myths players tend to believe by learning poker from TV.

MYTH: Players play a lot of hands in tournaments.
REALITY: A good player will play between 10 to 20 percent of the hands they are dealt when playing Texas Holdem Poker. Tight play is the rule in tournaments because players don’t want to bust out by playing a bad hand. They must also pick and choose their battles over what can be an all day or multiple day event. The reasons you see players playing more hands on TV is two-fold. For one, producers cut out all the hands where all players fold to the blinds to condense what might be a 10-hour final table into a two-hour broadcast and to eliminate the tedious action. So what you actually see is only a portion of the action. Secondly, with only six participants remaining, players must play more aggressively, raising to steal the blinds and antes.

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MYTH: Small pocket pairs like 44 or 55 play well in a tournament and players should raise with them.
REALITY: It depends. Early in a tournament it’s best to limp, or just call, with a small pocket pair in hopes of flopping a set, or three of a kind. In late position, if no one has entered the pot, it can be productive to raise. Only when the table has few players late in the tournament can players begin being more aggressive with small pairs, often raising from any position when there are only six or fewer players at the table.

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MYTH: Players should constantly go all-in, pushing all their chips to the center of the felt.
REALITY: The all-in maneuver is often over used by inexperienced players. You will often see players put all their chips at risk when they don’t need to. Play online poker now for real or free money. Consequently, players escalating from a free game to real cash tournament often forget they can't be as careless when it comes to playing for real money. Rarely in the beginning of a tournament should a player go all in pre flop unless they find themselves extremely short stacked or in a particular advantageous situation. Players should only begin pushing all-in on a raise pre-flop if they only have enough chips to raise 10 times the big blind. For example, the blinds are 100-200 and the player in question has about 2,000 in chips.

The best advice we can give you is to find an online poker site or online casino with a poker room that you enjoy playing at and then get good poker analysis software that runs while you play so you can see how many hands you're playing, which ones are profitable and which are costing you money. If you use this software correctly, you won't get into bad habits and you'll plug any leaks in your game quickly.

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